Diamond vs Gold

If you want to choose between gold and diamond as for your future safety, You should go for gold in any form rather then going for diamond.

Gold advantages:-

1. It is very easy to sell gold for cash.

2. Best thing to buy gold as an investment.

3. It is a myth that Gold value never decreases.

4. Anyone can test gold easily from anywhere.

5. Gold is acceptable all over the world because now it is a acceptable as world currency.

Gold Disadvantages:-

1.There is no intrest and no income on gold.

2. If you invest in gold as from of jewellery you will paying lots of commission in the form of {making} for jewellery.

3. If you are taking gold with you in any other country, you have to pay extra taxes.

Diamond Advantages:-

1. Diamond is the hardest known material in the planet.

2. It shows our class style and status.

3. Diamond jewellery is ever green for any fashion style.

4. Jewellery made in diamonds could be sell against cash at any time.

5. If the qualiy of diamonds are good then its value will increase more faster than even gold.

Diamond Disadvantages:- 

1. If you were to buy diamond from X and sell to it Y the discount could go up to 30-35%

2. Forgery is very easy as small diamonds are used to make jewellery.

3. Government labs are not available to test or certify diamonds.